Forest Green

by Forest Green

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released April 24, 2015

Mark Duhaime- Vocals, Guitars
Nathaniel Urband- Drums

Recorded by Nick Deiner, Saginaw Michigan
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Michalik, Chicago Illinois



all rights reserved


Forest Green Bay City, Michigan

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Track Name: Losing Grip
I wish i could take most things back
And i wish it was me having my grandma's heart attack
I wish this world would just stay still
And i wish these foot prints weren't so hard to fill

I wish people would stop comparing me
To someone that I will never be

But if you don't get it, then just forget it.

I wish that I could act smart
And I wish it was me having my grandpa's failing heart
I wish i did not let all my demons pull me apart
But its all my fault i should of buried them from the start

Now I'm losing friends, as i start to slip
Losing sight, losing grip

But if you don't get it, then just forget it
Because I'll never know, how to grow
I'm old enough to change, I'm smart enough to know

I, try to see, but it seems to me
That my vision has gotten far to blurry
I try to speak, but these words i scream
Are cries for help but no one seems to worry
I try to run, from myself
But there's nowhere to run to so I'm in no hurry
And i try to say, that I'm breaking
But nobody believes me.
Track Name: Chest Pains
I stayed away, and to me
It feels like its been, at least forever
But I've been writing songs about you getting better
With hopes that you can sleep
With a lighter heart then ever

Everything falls apart, Nothing stays together

I can sense, you're having chest pains
And all this stress is making me go insane
Because you know I would kill myself in a heartbeat
If it meant i could take all your pain away
so take me away

Everything falls apart, nothing stays together
I've been trying to find myself some sleep so i can
dream about things getting better
I want you to get better.

There's so many things that i want to tell you
And i know that i can
But I'm not that type of person
I'm just not that kind of man
I'll help you out the best I can
but there's no promises, but i promise this
I'll make you happy, nobody's happy

Did they go away yet?
Are your chest pains fading away?
I know you feel upset
I know i don't have much to say

But I want you to stay, I need you to stay.
Track Name: State of Mind
I feel like I'm falling behind
But I don't want to fall behind
I told myself it's all in my head
But I can't shake this lonely state of mind

I feel like you're so far ahead
I wish that I could get ahead
But I'm the only one holding me down
And I'll carry this weight, until I'm dead

My neck is sore, from my head hanging
My knees are weak, and my bones are aching
Because of everything, i wish i could could change
But nothing's changing.

I don't know how I will survive
I do not want to live if I can't feel alive
I try to shake, this lonely state of mind
But that's all i ever do is try

All I do is try.

I feel like I am, someone else
I can't think
For myself.
Track Name: Nothing is the Same
I was trying to find my head
While you were trying to find comfort in your hospital bed
And every hopeful word that you've said
Still resound in the back of my head

The bark on this family tree is softening
The roots are loose in the ground and the leaves keep leaving
And even though everyone is keeping faith
I am having trouble believing

Now I'm drowning in a sea of thought
And I can't swim I'm so distraught
Because not blaming myself
Was something I was never taught

I never thought that I
Could be so young and full of regret
And yet I wont forget

The time you told me I was painted gold
But you should know I feel like I'm smothered in gray
And I know that it's not true, and i shouldn't think that way
But I've just felt so beaten down, lately

I asked my mom if you'll be okay
And she opened her mouth but the words just wouldn't come out
So i thought of what life would be like when you leave
But there's just too much to think about

There's just too much to think about